03 août 2007



Je suis un Americain. Je m'apelle Jennifer. J'etudie Francais, mais je connaitre un peu. Je connais "Ou est le salle de banne?" et "Le visage n'est pas un parti du famille" et "Le chat est un animale."

I am an American and my name is Jennifer. I am studying French and clearly I have a lot to learn! I can say, "Where is the bathroom?" "The face is not a part of the family" and "The cat is an animal."

I am perfecting my French because I plan to travel to Paris in the Spring. This is a trip I've dreamed about my whole life. I am taking it now when it seems more impossible than ever. I have five children and a writing business. But, I also have a wonderful husband who is making it possible for me to go.

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